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Hit-and-run in NE Portland

Date: November 1, 2015

Location: Northeast 122nd Avenue and Halsey Street

Names: Richard Hollen

Hit-and-run in NE Portland

Sunday evening a look-a-like police patrol cruiser caused a major crash in Northeast Portland and the people inside the car ran from the scene.

Richard Hollen was driving his car when he saw headlights coming right toward him at the intersection of Northeast 122nd Avenue and Halsey Street. He thought it was a police card since the light was red and they were swerving around a bunch of cars.

The Crown Victoria smashed into Hollen’s vehicle causing his air bags to deploy.

The occupants of the Crown Victoria then fled the scene.

We hope Richard Hollen is able to recover from this accident, and that the hit and run driver is held accountable. Hit and run drivers are cowards and criminals, and as Portland attorneys for hit and run injury victims we hope this driver is found soon. Remember, hit and run drivers can be punished in both criminal and civil cases.

According to Oregon law (ORS 811.705), drivers are required to remain at the scene if anyone is injured. If a driver does not do this, they can have criminal charges brought against them once they are found.

We encourage anyone who has witnessed a hit and run to come forward with information! You can call our office and we will ensure that your identity is protected, and the information is sent to the right person. If you feel more comfortable calling a hotline, DuBois Law Group LLC sponsors the Hit and Run Reward program that gives financial incentives for reluctant witnesses to come forward after hit and run incidents. Remember, you are helping the person who was hit and you are helping protect our streets from drivers who do not obey the laws.

In cases like this, the hit and run driver can also have a civil lawsuit brought against them for all damages to the injury victim. Anyone injured by a hit and run driver has the right to seek legal recourse for injuries and damages to property. This compensation can come from the at-fault driver’s insurance or any personal assets they have.

In many cases, the hit and run driver left the scene because:

  • They did not have insurance.
  • They were driving intoxicated.

If the driver was driving intoxicated, you may still be able to file a claim with their insurance company, if you can identify the driver.

If you cannot find the driver, however, OR they do not have insurance, you can still file a claim through your own uninsured motorist (UIM) coverage on your own auto policy.

We understand that this is a complicated process, and we recommend discussing your case with a Portland hit and run accident attorney who offers free consultations if you have any questions.

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