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Gas Explosion in Bend Critically Injures Resident

Date:  April 19, 2011
Location:  337 ½ NW Georgia Avenue, Bend
Names:  Michael Flint, Dan and Martha Mahoney

A loose connection to a furnace’s natural gas line is believed to have caused the explosion that critically injured a Bend man early Thursday morning. The blast occurred when the man, who was a tenant in the cottage, lit a cigarette.

Just before 4 a.m. Thursday, Deschutes County 911 dispatchers received at least 15 calls to report the explosion at 337 ½ NW Georgia Avenue. The cottage in which the blast happened was behind the main residence. Deputy Fire Marshal Susie Maniscalco told that evidence indicated the connection of the furnace to the natural gas line was not tight enough, allowing gas to leak into the cottage.

Records show Dan and Martha Mahoney own the cottage. The injured man was identified as Michael Flint. He was initially taken to St. Charles Medical Center-Bend, then flown to the burn center at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, where he remains in a critical condition. The cottage was virtually destroyed and two adjacent houses were also damaged as the fire spread.

We would like to wish Michael Flint a full recovery from his injuries after this horrifying accident.

In Oregon, property owners are responsible for making certain their property is maintained safely, without any unreasonable dangers. Despite laws intended to protect people, many accidents still occur due to dangerous conditions.

Common types of premises liability cases include:
Slip and Fall:
Example: A store owner fails to mop up a wet floor, or provide proper traction, and a person slips and falls as a result.

Inadequate Maintenance:
Example: A hotel owner fails to maintain the premises, like when a falling tree branch injures a passerby because it has not been properly trimmed.

Defective Conditions:
Example: A property owner fails to repair or warn the public about a dangerous condition in the area, such as a broken staircase.

Inadequate Security.
Example: A parking structure company fails to install adequate lighting or warn patrons about dangerous criminal activity taking place on the premises.

If you have received injuries due to negligence by a property owner, contact a premises liability lawyer in Oregon to help you investigate, handle your case, and allow you to begin recovery.

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