Drunk Driver Strikes Parked Car on Interstate 5 Off Ramp, Injures Two

Date: September 20, 2015

Location: Interstate 5 off ramp

Names: Renae Leigh Conley, Gary Thomas Albright, Rhea Lorene Welding

Drunk Driver Strikes Parked Car on Interstate 5 Off Ramp, Injures Two

Early Sunday morning, an Albany woman smashed into a car parked on the Interstate 5 off ramp injuring two victims.

Gary Thomas Albright, 61, of Dexter, was outside his Toyota Camry off I-5 southbound near the Knox Butte Road interchange in Albany when he was struck by a Chevrolet Prizm. Albright was thrown into the roadway and his passenger, who was in the vehicle, Rhea Lorene Welding, 61, of Dexter, dragged him to safety.

The Chevrolet driver, Renae Leigh Conley, 23, of Albany, had a blood alcohol content of .11 percent and marijuana in her possession. Conley was arrested with two counts of second-degree assault, driving under the influence of intoxicants, reckless driving and two counts of reckless endangerment.

Albright and Welding were taken to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.

We wish Gary Thomas Albright and Rhea Lorene Welding a full and speedy recovery.

If you were hurt by a drunk driver, special time limits may apply for filing a claim.

Under ORS 471.565, you can sue the establishment that served the drunk driver alcohol (assuming there was one) by filing a Dram Shop Notice within 180 days. This is only for injury cases, as wrongful death cases have a separate time limit.

A Dram Shop Notice is a special letter that tells the establishment or person who served the alcohol that a claim for damages is being made against the establishment, a description of the time, place, and circumstances giving rise to the claim, and the name and mailing address for the person making the claim. If the drunk driving led not just to an injury, but death, then you have a year instead of 180 days. A Dram Shop Notice will hold a bar owner responsible for not training employees according to the OLCC’s guidelines regarding intoxicated drinkers.

If the drunk driver was not at a bar or other business that serves alcohol before the crash, there is still the possibility of filing a claim through auto insurance. In many cases, the drunk driver will also be punished in a criminal court. Although being found guilty for criminal charges can increase the likelihood of a civil personal injury case succeeding, you may still need the help of a drunk driving accident injury lawyer to deal with adjusters and use all the evidence correctly.


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Sean is a personal injury attorney in Portland, OR. He has been recognized by Super Lawyers Magazine as Oregon Rising Stars for the past four years because of his dedication to justice and fair compensation for his clients. If you need to speak with a lawyer about your injury case, Sean can be reached at 503-222-4411.

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