Boy Hit By Car in Springfield Still In Critical Care

Date: September 11, 2013
Location: Main Street, Springfield, Portland
Name: Kaleb Oyervides

A 12-year-old boy hit by a car on Main Street, Springfield, continued to remain critical two days after the accident that occurred on Wednesday.

According the police, Kaleb Oyervides was hit by a car as he was using the crosswalk on the 5000 block of Main Street. He sustained internal injuries apart from multiple broken bones.

New safety equipment was recently installed on the crosswalk. According to witnesses the boy pressed the safety button that is expected to activate multiple flashing lights to let drivers know that a pedestrian is waiting to cross before stepping on the crosswalk. While other cars stopped, a 2005 Toyota sedan driven by Kimberly Christine Ames failed to stop. Police are still investigating the reason she

We extend our sympathies to the injured and hope he recovers quickly and completely.

When a child is injured, the law can be complicated. Oregon law seeks to give children and their parents more time to file a case, but in reality the law makes the statute of limitations (the time limit to bring a claim) very confusing.

ORS 12.160 states that the time for bringing the lawsuit does not always start being counted immediately. However, the time limit will not be extended for more than five years, nor will it be extended for more than one year after the child’s 18th birthday.

In general, if a child is 17 or older at the time of the accident, the statute will run in two years, just like for an adult. If the child is between 12 and 17, the time limit will run out on the child’s 19th birthday. If the child is under 12, the time will run out 7 years after the injury.

But these are general guidelines only. There are exceptions. For example, if a Tort Claim Notice is required, you may only have 180 days to get it to the right person.

If you need to bring a claim for your child, you may be able to get compensation for:

  • Present and future medical bills
  • Parents’ lost wages, if needed to care for child
  • Pain and suffering, emotional trauma
  • Future wage loss
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Rehabilitation
  • Etc.

If you are unsure what a child injury claim entails, contact an experienced Portland child injury accident attorney for help. Consultations are free, so even if you decide not to hire a lawyer, you can get many of your questions answered.


About Sean DuBois

Sean is a personal injury attorney in Portland, OR. He has been recognized by Super Lawyers Magazine as Oregon Rising Stars for the past four years because of his dedication to justice and fair compensation for his clients. If you need to speak with a lawyer about your injury case, Sean can be reached at 503-222-4411.

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